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My name is Farheen.
Welcome to my web page.

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    • Name: Farheen (Arabic for the verb of being “happy” Don't ask... ) Hayat ( Arabic for “life”) Dogar
    • Nicknames: “Far”, “Fahrvergnuegen”, “Near” (spell the last part of Farheen backwards… Neehr- strange huh? The whole Grover thing.) One of my friends loves to call me "Farqueen". Don't ask me why, he's a little on the odd side anyway.

    • Birthdate: August 11, 1976 which makes me a Leo/Fire Dragon. Woo! Double fire sign!

    • Favorite Book: The Book of Atrix Wolf by Patricia McKillip, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Essential Rumi translated from Persian by Coleman Barks. Hafiz is good too.

    • Favorite Movie: Hands down, “The Princess Bride”. Although “The Shawshank Redemption”,“Much Ado About Nothing”, all the "Star Wars" movies and "Legend" are also way up there.

      Vampire Hunter D

    • Pets: I love Siamese fighting fish AKA Bettas. I've had several of them. The first was named Carnage and he died. Well he committed suicide. But I won’t get into that. It's too painful. *Sniff* The other, Vengeance, died while I was in Pakistan. He died and I didn’t know until I got back home a month later. Due to the fact I was deathly ill with malaria, my family kept it from me. Just a note to all of you who have pets out there, DO NOT TRUST YOUR FAMILY WITH YOUR PET! YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT ALIVE AGAIN! Venom, Nightmare,Inferno and Tempest and He That Shall Not Be Named have died and I still have Firenze who is getting on in the years and also a new little manfish who is happy in a brand new home. Anywho.

      Please keep in mind that I am a busy girl and seldom have time to update this page. I will however get my picture page up soon as well as updating the books I like section and actually putting movies I think people will like in the currently blank movies link... Thanks putting up with my procrastination. *Muah* I wuv you!

      If you can't wait, and have some pressing question about moi, (I understand, I am enthralling and captivating and yada, yada, yada) e-mail me at far786@yahoo.com in the meantime.
      Please come back soon and visit me.

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