Self reflection & realization

Let me set things straight, I'm not doing this for your reading pleasure ( if you can get any out of it). I'm doing this for me. I find this

to be rather relaxing being able to write down my nonsensical thoughts and dreams without being judged or being offered an

opinion. Could be considered a blog but I'm not so committed as to update every few days ( heat of the moment thing...whereby

I'll actually feel stupid for doing this.) But what the hell, I got 15MB of space and I'm not doing anything with it, might as well

put some shit out there out in cyberspace. Now, let's get started :-


The dream job

Bet you're thinking that I just want to be paid a hell lot of money and not do anything right? Wrong! Do you know how frustrating

it is not to be doing anything? Maybe I've got some minor case of ADD but who knows. That statement is half right though, I want

a hell lot of money. However, I want something challenging and interesting. Not some repetitive shit that you do every single

time you go to work i.e. serving tables. It's fun for the first month when you're learning how to do things but after the novelty wears off,

that's when the feeling of hopelessness sinks in. I need something new, something to keep me going. What's the perfect job for me?

I honestly have no clue. I'm no programming genius, not a computer expert ( I graduated in Computer Science) and  not really

keen on technology. I like new technology but I don't think I'm the sort of person to be behind the idea of some breakthrough idea.

Not a real people person....I'm nice but lack patience when handling assholes or stupid people. If you got a disease or some sort,

I'll understand but if you're basically a dumb-ass of your own free will, then I already hate you. Fast learner....I suppose. I get

the overall ideas real fast and that's where the problem of needing a new challenge arises. It's always fun and nerve wrecking for

the first few days but after that, it'll be like clockwork. I'm okay working with people. But those people better know what they're

doing or be fast about learning the ropes. Like I said, I can't stand dumb-asses. I'm not management material, I tend to order people

to do things way too much. I'm more of a hands on kind of person. Would love to travel but not at the expense of not knowing home.