Welcome to the pages of ShadowHawk.

I am a user of 3D software for creating art and animations. The main
program I use is Imagine by Impulse Inc. I also use Lightwave by NewTek.
The computer system I use is an Amiga 1200 with an 060 CPU with 128mb ram
(ram is always being up-graded according to the current market prices),
so by the time you have read this, I will have most likely increased my ram.

These pages will be used to display my art works and that of others in
the 3D computer art field. I am a serious Babylon 5 fan and will include
links to other B5 sites. I will also include links to other Imagine
users. Please follow these links for some good eye candy, some good
tutorials, 3D object files, and much much more.

Proud member of the Babylon 5 Modelers Guild. All B5 models used in my<
pictures and animations were created by members of the guild and I give
them my thanks and best regards!!!

Thanks for Reading This Dribble


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PS: Like all other sites, This One Is Under Construction, so a hardhat

and safety galsses are required. 8^)

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For a list of my current object files please e-mail me for availabilty,

some object files are copyrighted (Sorry) 8^)

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