Lil Quizzy Poo
Hey and thanks for visiting my page. This is a quick quiz for all you RPers out there, and for feedback I'd appreciate it if you filled it out ::shrugs::gotta love pointless time consuming crap. Oh, and remember, you're being graded on this... There's a possible 150 points for the end result.

1. Why do you RP?
To get away from reality
Because its fun dang it
Only to prove the fact I'm a moder and must annoy others in my free time

2. What kind of char is your favorite?
A all power god/goddess who is completely invincible
A clan vampy
The rarest species in all of Rhy'din...a human!

3. How many guilds are you a part of?
Strictly one I devote all my time to
Two, three, four..whats the difference?
Whats a guild?

4. How many chars do you currently have?
Just my beloved one
Hm..about two...maybe three
I have so many char's I can't keep up with them!

5. In a tavern, or inne, where do you normally sit?
In a dark, shadowy corner where only your outline shows
At a random table, eyeing the hot newcomers as they come in
The bar. Gotta have muh ale

6. Out of these three, which do you visit the most?
Rhy'din Waterfalls
Rhy'din Singles Bar
Theatre Des Vampires

7. How flirtacious is your char?
I can't even remember how many others they've been with
Oh, once my char is settled, there's no splitting them up
Modestly flirtacious, if they have interest in me, so be it, if not, feh

8. How loyal are you to your guild?
Loyal to the very end
Eh..I occasionally do something better for *my* personal interests
Extra XP for sending the roster out to spies? Wooo doggy!

9. How does your char normally enter a establishment or area?
They walk in
They appear through a cloud of mists
Why walk when you can portal everywhere?

10. And last, but not least, Is your char the same gender as you?
Yes, heavens forbid its anything but!!!!!
Occasionally, I suppose..
Uhm..give me a few minutes to remember

Well, thank you for taking my quiz, your involvement has been much appreciated, oh and do stop by the guestbook and let me know you've been here, Thanks!