As night descends across the land, and all traces of day activity have ceased to be, she arrives.
Heading down the familiar path in the streets of Oskaneevia, you can see her form
in the moonlight, her arms folded behind her back as she strolls
carelessly along, weaving her way off the path as she
makes her way into the forest.
As patches of moonlight
shine through the trees overlocking branches
you can see her more defined. Thick ebony curls fall down
past her shoulders, reaching down to her waist. Her eyes are shadowed
lavender pools that seem as though they have no depth, and truly
its as though when you looked long enough, you could
see her actual soul. She continued down along
her way, winding through the vast forest
with such confidence it was quite
apparent she had traveled
this way many a time
before. After a
few minutes
or so, she
began to slow in
her movements as she
neared her destination. The
trees began to thin out as she reached
the edge of the clearing, pausing there to catch
her breath and look out over the area. A light breeze
stirred up again as she sighed lightly and walked into the clearing
that belonged to her beloved sister Fire. She pushed her hair back out
of her face as she stepped to the lake behind the single, giant oak that was
in the center of the cleaing. Then she lowered herself to the ground beside
the pool and stared out across the water, losing herself in her thoughts.
Had she always been such a silent creature of the night? It couldn't
be made certain. But as it was, this was who she lived to be,
the slight existance of Sharra, Resident in Oskaneevia,
and friend to all who were in need.

....Enter her realm...