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Welcome to Dragonwing Bluffs

As you wander the Dragonwing Bluffs, you hear a sound overhead. Upon looking up, you suddenly realize how the bluffs got their name...above you are two dragons, wheeling about in the sky, as though they were involved in a intricate dance. "Do you like it?" a voice behind you asks. "Dragonkind always seems drawn to this place." You whirl around, and see a wizened old man, leaning heavily on a staff shaped in the likeness of a slender dragon, curled around it. "It's beautiful!" you exclaim. The old man's face warms with a wrinkled smile. "Come with me, my friend. If you like that, I have many things in my home which you will love." You follow the old man on a path down the bluffs. Half way down them, the path turns sharply into a cave, leading into the bluffs themselves. With the ocean sounding in the background the old man invites you to look around his home. You do so, and find that your reaction meets very closely the old mans expectations of what it would be...


"A few years back, a big Bronze dragon, accompanied by an even larger Gold one popped into mid-air above the bluffs. I happend to be there at the time, and, since they appeared to bear me no ill intentions, I approached them. They seemed to see and talk right into my head, though I supposed at the time that it was just my age catching up to me. However, as it continued, a began to grasp images that I knew could not have come from my own mind. The images their minds bore were of a most amazing place, The World of Pern..."

"As if all that weren't enough for a man of my considerable years, a residence on small woodland creatures seemed to have taken up residence in the upper portions of the bluffs. Thankfully, these did not speak as the dragons from Pern did, for I fear that a colony of telepathic rodents would have been to much even for me. Nay, these creatures spoke in everyday language (except for the moles, they seemed to have had a permanent speech impediment, but I digress). These woodland creatures were travelers, and they wove for me strange yarns of a place called Redwall Abbey...

Movies and Graphics

"What's this?" you ask him. "Surely this did not come to pass here?!?" "Nay," he replies. "This is but a creation of my own imagination, concieved in the dark hours of the night to pass the time. Feel free to look at it. When I gaze out at the crystal clear night skies, I dream of other worlds, of other peoples, of wars among the stars, yes, that's it, StarWars!

"And those?" you ask. "What, these? Ah, these are one of the finest things in my archive of dragon images, collected over the years. I hope you will browse through them, the archives, that is, for there is nothing quite so awe-inspiring as The Image of the Dragon...

Links and Web Rings

As you prepare to take your leave of his home, you thank the old man for his hospitality. "Wait," he says. "Don't go yet. You are a traveler, are you not?" You nod, an quizically wonder what is in store for you now. "Allow me to direct you to other houses like mine. For you see, i contrubute to several rings of hospitality. Here, let me make for you a list of the Rings Which I'm Part Of...

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*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* I hold in my hands a box of gold, With a secret inside that has never been told. The box is priceless but as I see, The treasure in-side is far more precious to me. Today I share this treasure with thee, Itís the treasure of friendship Youíve given to me! --Author Unknown *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

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