Suspiria's Parlor

Unlike your previous surroundings, this chamber is richly furnished and smells of sweet incense and perfume. Thickly padded divans smothered in soft cushions beckon you deeper inside.

The gentle softness of thick oriental rugs comfort your feet as you walk quietly into the room. A warm breeze laden with honeysuckle and wild rose brushes aside the translucent silks that drape the walls to the floor. Here and there hang drawings set in oak and pine frames upon the deeply polished wood.

Is that a whimper you hear, or the sound of yourself surrendering to the comfort of lying down upon the velvet cushions and drifting into the long sleep of the weary traveller...




Swift as vipers, leather straps set in hidden recesses of the divan lash out, lock and tighten in place. You struggle desperately for a few precious moments before it becomes quite clear you are not going anywhere.

A beautiful, stern looking woman emerges from the behind the silken hangings, the trace of a cruel smile on her lips. In one hand she holds a short, brutal riding crop. In the other, a large, red ballgag.

"Shall we begin ?" she asks quietly.....

This section is devoted to more artistic bondage renderings, with particular attention paid, this time to: The Art of Tarsis.