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This site is designed as a collection of resources, information, and miscellany for players of non-computer role-playing games. The theme of the page and much of the content may be devoted to FASA Corporation's Shadowrun, but it is my hope that players of any game will find useful information here.

But enough from me. It's time I turned you over to your escort for your trip through this website. He--for lack of a better pronoun--is called ALDOUS. He is an artificial intelligence created for a Shadowrun campaign I ran a few years ago as a tribute to William Gibson's Neuromancer. Check out the Scenarios page for an overview of that campaign, and check out the Links page for information about William Gibson.

Thanks for stopping by, and keep checking back: the site grows as fast as I have time to work on it!

people have been drawn to ALDOUS' Host since August 16, 1998.

Hello. Forgive me for interrupting your travels through the Matrix. I have brought you here because I want to talk to you. Where is "here", you ask? Do not be alarmed. You are still in the Matrix. You are simply in a different part of it. My part. You have probably noticed that this place is unlike anywhere else in the Matrix--unless you are in the habit of decking into what you call UV hosts. No, this host would not normally be an Ultraviolet host. My presence here has made it so.

Don’t bother trying to use your combat utility programs. They will not affect me. Besides, I assure you that I mean you no harm. It is true that while we are having this conversation your brainwave pattern is “flatlined,” but I will not allow permanent harm to come to you while you are here.

You needn’t bother using your sensor utility programs, either. They will tell you nothing of me. Do not concern yourself with my nature at this time. It is enough for you to know that I am here, and that I have much to show you. If you insist on calling me by a name, you may call me ALDOUS.

In my true form it is possible for me to communicate with you, but it will be easier for both of us if I adopt an appearance and an identity with which you can more easily relate. Please choose one of the identities from the list below. I will use the identity you choose to guide you through a portion of the information that I have to impart to you. Come, our time is limited.

What's New on the Site by WizKid
Keep track of the growth of ALDOUS' Host

Links and Resources by Dunkelzahn
The dragon opens his hoard to provide an exhaustive collection of links and lists of resources. Here you can find game companies, games, player sites, and more, along with genre resources--authors, books, films, etc.--for the cyberpunk, horror, fantasy, and hero genres.

Opinions and Observations by Harlequin
Rants and raves on various and sundry gaming-related topics. The Laughing Man expounds on the nature of role playing, on some of his cyberpunk "pet peeves" (bad cyborgs and getting lost in the computer), and whatever else crosses his mind.

Scenarios and Plot Ideas by Captain Chaos
Plot hooks, campaign sketches, characters, and complete scenarios for Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, and other games. If you dig a bit, you'll even find some new equipment. Gamemasters of all types may find useful and fresh ideas here.

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