Going Crazy With e e cummings

Drives you a little batty himself. Scattered type all over the page and then left you to figure out what if anything it meant. Nutty bastard. So here we are typing as well. Maybe not as well but also. So what do you do(stress each in turn) when the transmission starts feeling a bit slippy?

Hear I am on stage in front of the ants. Again. I can see them moving their mandibularies. Eating those tiny hamburgers sitting in those tiny chairs. And me. I am there offering my dissentary.

I found a caterpiller of sorts. Seemingly and rather unseemly it had viscerally discharged. An ant crawled near. I watched. The ant began to eat the exploded worm. It struggled valiently though hopelessly on. As I watched.

You really dont need to know. Just close enough is all.

The ants are legion... so click 'em and hop hop hop to the other pages I gots around heeya