Many people have found this place since August, 1998. Unfortunetely my counter broke, or something, so I have no idea just how many. Damn. :P

"Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows."-George Orwell's 1984

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."-The Beatles

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Hi folks.


So...this summer I went to Wyoming again, for a week, digging up dinosaurs. It was really awesome.

Just started my senior year in college. The countdown begins o_o!

Also I've added a banner to, which focuses on Animorphs fanfiction.


Happy New Year to everyone! I'm currently starting a fun-filled Spring Semester 2004. It's going okay so far. Lots of reading and chemistry stuff to do, but that's okay. At least it's interesting reading...(for a fantasy lit. course, yay). That's about all for now.


I've recently been introduced to The Sandman comic book series by Neil Gaiman. It's really very good. Here is a small website of pictures from the series. All images are copyrighted to their respective illustrators.


I like summer. It is good. Checka dis!

moon phases

Makes me think of Remus Lupin. Which reminds me, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was very good...but so sad!

Hopefully I'll have some Wyoming and college pictures up, someday in the near but unforseeable future. (Psst, translation: don't lose sleep in waiting for them.)

Here are some archived items from the past.

You can check out the wicked cool links below. Quick! Get outta here, while you still can! ;)

Check back in a while for updates. (Yeah, like that's gonna happen! :))

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The history of my Yeerk character, Myitt.

A Small Yeerkish Dictionary

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  • 9-11 Memorial
  • The Dinosauricon
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  • The Beatles-The Official Website
  • Dan's JP3 Page

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  • Animorphs Official Site(the books are great, but the TV show is extremely hokey.)

    The Star Port

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    What is a Yeerk?

    Where can I find info/cladistics on dinosaurs?

    I'm interested in becoming a paleontologist.Where should I look?

    Who are The Beatles?

    What is Lothlorien, or Middle-earth for that matter?

    What is COTC?

    Okay, so Stephen King wrote COTC, The Shining and 'Salem's Lot. What else has he written?

    Okay, so J.R.R. Tolkien wrote about Middle-earth. Where can I find his books online?

    For the music fans: A page about the wondrous Fab Four, The Beatles of musical fame from the 1960s. What can I say, I'm obsesséd. Follow this link down to a bridge by a fountain...

    Hey folks. Well, I went to Italy with my class during April vacation 2000. Lots of pics, but for right now there's only one up here. Here I am in front of the Colloseum in Rome (you can see the orange-illuminated arches of the massive arena on the right side.) The guy with his back turned and the camera is a friend of mine, and the guy in the red shirt was one of the chaperones. Bizarre, eh?

    For those of you interested in paleontology, click here for an also-being-constructed site of vertebrate paleontology info and art; right now it's just art, though. It's a pretty small, plain page other than the art.

    Click here for info about me irl.

    Coming Soon:

  • A renovated page on paleontology.

  • Thanks for bearing with me and my laziness.

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