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You are now listening to the Final Fantasy Theme...the only sound that is in every Final Fantasy game. (Note:This specific one is from Final Fantasy 4J.)

Congragulations, you are member #! E-mail me if you are #100 or #1000. I just begun to move in. If you want me to e-mail you when I finish, Nin with a letter named ***When the Construction is done***.
Hi, I'm Redah. You might not know who I am, but I'm Locke's and Celes's great, great grandson. I'm also a TREASURE HUNTER, not THIEF, like my great, great grandfather . My famlily's generation isn't that evil.

I would like your assistance for my questionaire, which is much like a poll, and if you don't like the question tell me. Once I get a sufficent amount of replies to the question, then I'll change the question anyways. I also have a poll you can check the statistics of right now. And the Trivia isn't hard yet especially seen as no one is even attempting anymore:-( I don't want to make it as easy as What is the name of the main character in FF7 or what is the of the first FF game, so please respond.

There is stuff available and more coming for (FFI), but I don't have anything for (FF2J) or (FF3J)because I don't know where to get anything for them and I haven't played them yet. I do have stuff for(FF2US)/ and I will work on a strategy guide for (FF VJ). I also have a lot of stuff for (FF3US). There is (FF7) stuff all over, so you don't even have to try, and last and hopefully not least is Final Fantasy 8

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Come back soon and tell your friends. If you send me something I don't have or constructing, you'll be on the special thanks page. If you find anything you don't like and I get enough letters sent about it, I'll change it, so fell free to tell me anything. And, of course I didn't forget the beginner's RPG, (FFMQ), the US revival of SNES on PS-X (FF Anthologies), and (FFT)

- The FFF Decisions-
What is the best representative of the FF series? (Note: Click on the arrow to change what is in the white box, if you don't think Chocobo is.)

Ramza's History Book
My Special Thanks
Celes's Opera House
The Final Fantasy Decisions
Gogo's Questionaire
Heroes of Light
Relm's Art of Fantasies
-->Come Test Your Final Fantasy Knowledge Here.<--

***Coming Soon*** Locke's Treasure, Cecil and Rosa's Guides,

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All Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Characters are copyright of Square and SquareSoft. Redah is not a real character of the Final Fantasy Series.

PS, When you download something, e-mail me about it so I can keep track of what every one likes and dislikes


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