W e lcome to My Dream World!

This is where Fantasy Begins
and Reality Becomes Blurred.

Let me live out my life in heat of blood.
Let me die drunken with the dreamers wine,
Let me not see this soul-house,
Built of mud,
Go toppling to the ground,
A vacant shrine.

Frank D. Giles 1922

May the magic and mysticisim of
the "Aurora Borealis"
lure you into other realms of enchantment!

Hello, I'm Lady Dream.

If you would like to know a bit more

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"My History"

A few words of Thanks to some special people.

My world is constantly evolving

I have taken most of my pages down due to lack of time and interest! Feel free to visit those that are still up.

Much Thanks to my youngest son
for making the banner for me!


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