Welcome to the Realm of the Royal Knights!!!

A web page dedicated to Knights and The King Arthur Legend!!!

To proceed to the time of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round table you must first be a true Knight yourself.  Are you a true Knight?  Do you want to be a true Knight?  In order to enter these pages you must first ask yourself  10 simple questions?

1. Are you loyal to your King, in that you will serve him through victory and defeat?  That You will serve him through  famine and a bountiful harvest?

2. That you will uphold the laws of the land and not persecute or degrade someone less fortunate  than you?

3. That you will Kill only in self defense or for the good of your King and land?

4. That you will uphold the  Knight's Code  to  the best of your ability?

5. That you will treat all  women with the upmost respect and rescue any damsel that is in distress?

6. That any Oath you take will not be broken?

7. That you will give any enemy you defeat in battle a quick and painless death?  Alos that you will treat all Knight's as your brother?

8. That you will protect and care for the land and not destory it?

9. That you will slay any dragon that comes forth?

10. That you will set a good example for all Pages and Squires That want to become a Future Knight?

(Clicking YES or NO will not affect your entrace to the page, it is just to have some fun that's all)

So what was your answer to all 10 questions?

Yes         or         NO

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