Coming soon to a monitor near you: manga's home page v2! Totally re-built, with hopefully some new material as well! And, probably a new title. I'm sure there are people trying to find manga sites who come to mine and are really annoyed. *grin* BTW, I would appreciate suggestions for the new title. :)

It's manga!

Smile! That's an order, if necessary. ^_^

"Though she be small, yet she be fierce"---Kuno

'Allo! So you want to know about me, do you? Boy are you going to regret asking... *grin*

I'm a not-so-average college student who enjoys the finer things in life: Asian culture, Renaissance Faires, fantasy/scifi, music, and of course, computers.

I do so love computers... *dreamy smile*

After careful consideration, I have decided to be an English major. I'll study to be an editor and spend my life doing what I love best: Reading! The Comp/Sci major required too much of the M-word. (Math. Ack!) To quote Taliesin from Patricia Keneally-Morrison's The Keltaid "In the face of math, I have screamed and fled long since."

A few of you have asked me to put up a picture or two of myself. Well, here they are! P.S: this page recently (finally) updated, at least a little, with further big plans in the works.

A few of my favorite things.

The World of Two Moons
Japanese animation and comics
manga's music
manga's oevure

Meet my friends!

Mimi Cottle- one of my many EQ/internet friends. Check out her artwork!
Vic Coutuva- another member of the Shadow Tribe and spifty writer.
Dave Harper- yet another Shadow Tribe friend and an all around cool guy. I love his Ranma fics.
Anne Matthews- aka Letha Pennington, aka Miyaka Yuuki, aka Ebony... A great friend and a great writer. Also a fellow Holt member. In fact, she's the one that started it. ^_^
Christy Sawyer- Pittsgoth and artist extrodinaire! She drew that spifty picture of me at the top of the page.
Megan Sawyer - Artist extrodinaire and Pittsgoth! She drew me that spifty color picture of Itesa in the Grotto.
Ribbitty Bonk- Genius, demon programer, and a great guy.

Incredible artwork you must see.

This page and the insane coding are mine, all mine! Most of the pictures belong to Warp Graphics, Kodansha Comics, Viz Graphics and I don't know who else.