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Skie Obsidiyana
Is fhearr teicheadh math na droch fhuireach
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M'name is Skie Obsidiyana...the once proud queen o'a land known as Alzamoore... a place long ago forgotten by some an'nae 'eard o'by most...many who were born there 'ad a gift...or in some case...the curse o' telepathy...m'self being one o'them...m'mother like many o'that time died givin birth tae me...it seems she 'ad a 'eart condition an' nothin the mages, clerics or 'ealers o'our land could  'elp 'her...she 'ad been told tha' the strain o'bearin children could kill 'er bu' she so wanted tae give m'father an heir tha'  she was willin tae risk it...on the night I was born there was a lunar eclipse...everyone said it was a bad omen...soon they would know jus'ow right they were...nae long after I was born...the life slowly drained from m'mothers eyes...m'father 'eld 'er in 'is arms until she breathed 'er last...after tha'...or so I was told...m'father locked 'imself away in 'is room where 'e stayed for days...nae eatin or sleepin...many in the kingdom tried wha' they could tae break 'im from 'is grief...bu'tae nae avail until one night a small voice came tae 'im in the night...it was the sound o'a crying child...'is child...and 'e knew tha' the time 'ad come tae face life again..wit'out 'is beloved wife, m'mother..'e knew he mus' be strong...nae only for 'is people bu' for the woman who gave 'er life so tha'e could 'ave a child... as a gift...a wizard tha' m'father 'ad befriended 'ad given me the gift o'immortality so tha'e would ne'er again know the pain o'losin someone 'e loved so much agin...m'child'ood was a 'appy one...filled with joy and much love bu' there was also much trainin I 'ad tae endure...my only companion was a 'awk I named NyteWing...we would spend hours taegether...sometimes when 'e would fly over the kingdom I would place m'mind in 'is feelin the freedom o'flight...with nae a care...m'father knew 'e would never marry agin so I was 'is las' chance tae keep the kingdom goin once 'e was gone...though we were a peace lovin kingdom...all were trained in the art o'combat...men and women alike...for there were always those who wished tae overpower and take over our lands tha' were rich in resources...I grew up quickly...or so it seemed tae me for soon it was time fer me tae think abou' my future duties as a queen...bu' before I could do tha'...it would be necessary fer me tae marry.  As was the custom o'the lands, the marriages were arranged ...somethin I was nae lookin forward tae, bu' then again tha' was the way m'parents came taegether and they grew more in love each day they were married...'ow wrong I was tae think it could nae 'appen twice for soon I was married tae the greatest man I ever knew...well second tae m'father tha' is...on the day we were tae marry...it was decided...I would also be crowned queen for m'father felt it time 'e stepped down while he was still in good enough 'ealth tae enjoy the rest o'is life...years 'ad passed in relative peace until one day we were attacked by heathens...they 'ad managed tae overtake and kill every lookout we 'ad, quickly they made their way intae the castle killing everything in their paths...taken by surprise we 'ad little chance tae defend ourseleves...as they made their way up tae our chambers, m'husband managed tae get me intae the secret room...swearing tae me tha'e would join me soon...I protested greatly and wanted tae join wha' was left o'my people in battle...bu'e would nae 'ear o'it... I remember 'ow 'e looked as 'e kissed me goodbye and shut the door be'ind me...I tried in vain tae open it bu'e 'ad managed    (cont.)