This being my personal homepage, I prefer to do things my way. What does that mean to you, exactly? For one, these pages look way better in Netscape 4.+, on a large screen, and two, everything here is slightly chaotic-- like my thoughts. Right now everything is under construction as I am tired of my three year old layout and have big ambitious plans for how things should look. Meantime, here's some links so you can go away and do something interesting with your time. 

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Allow me to introduce my baby guard-dragon Nimh... Though he be but little, he is fierce!
(Or at least that's what I gotta say to keep 'im happy! He's really a sweetie! Unfortunately, he's like me: not intimidating no matter how hard he tries.)

This is Nimh's Cave o' Solitude....
And this is Nimh! He was annoyed that I called him cute...
If you just have to have a baby dragon for yourself, and you feel you'd make a good parent, click on Nimh. He'll take you to Sarina's Dragon Orphanage and you can adopt a lovable scaly friend of your own!
I should probably warn you that Nimh is an ankle-biter. So I don't want to hear about it!

Ahhh, yes, don't forget...
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