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On the Web since 1994!!! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my renewed Web Page. My previous page had a Mosaic-like feel and looked kind of outdated. I finally took the time to do some fixing up. No more tired looks or outdated links. No more frames either. Hope you like it and can let me know about it.

So who is this José guy? "He's a card player, gambler, scoundrel. You'd like him."

[NEW]Family pictures including my kids!

[NEW]Spanish Poem "La Estadidad" (Puertorrican Statehood). Don't know who the author is but sounds alright.

[NEW]Fun with Star Wars action figures and You might be a Red Neck Jedi...

Fun Stuff

Some entertainment (showbiz) links.

  • David Letterman - the official CBS homepage
  • Jay Leno - with video clips of his monologue routines, and more
  • Movie Previews:
  • 20th Century Fox
  • MGM/UA Motion Pictures
  • Universal Pictures
  • Paramount Motion Pictures
  • Information Services

    A list of useful services in the web.

  • MIT's Web Server - THE starting point
  • Yahoo - Possibly the best index for Web resources
  • Webcrawler - useful search engine for scanning servers
  • c|net Online - as seen on TV, a very resourceful server
  • Looking for a job? Check this on-line job databases:
  • Check the Monster Board! (cool site!)
  • Check here for Careerpath.com newspaper jobs)
  • Pay a visit to the White House.
  • From my favorite TV shows

    Here are some popular links

  • Ally McBeal
  • Seinfeld
  • TV Nation
  • The Simpsons
  • Saturday Night Live yes, it used to be funnier.
  • Other Fun Stuff

    Other nice stuff you should check out

  • Dilbert.com - Official site of the only cartoon worth reading in the paper
  • Star Wars.com Official home page
  • For everything Star Trek go to the continuum at StarTrek.com
  • The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition - rules you can use
  • The Jihad to Destroy Barney on the Worldwide Web
  • Hungry? Want some free recipes? Go to Cooking.com
  • A bunch of cool links

    Ok, no more fancy categories, just cool links!!!

  • The latest news at CNN.com
  • Wired Magazine - online issues
  • Amazon.com - order books online
  • The Smoking Gun - funny & weird documents, updated weekly
  • ebay - shop neat stuff
  • Mazinger Stamp Album I used to have this album
  • Puertorrican Web Pages

    This is my compilation of Web Pages of people from Puerto Rico. If you want yours included here just drop me a line.

  • Home Page for Manuel Rodriguez
  • Carlos Izcoa's Home Page
  • Isla de Erick
  • Home Page for Iván E. Calimano
  • Alberto J. Ortiz's Page
  • Lester's Place
  • Irv's Net Outpost
  • Pedro A. Encarnacion's Home Page

  • José L. Pérez | jlperez@mit.edu

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