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Silver Veil Bids You Welcome

The battle is lost.
The Knights are scattered all over the world, after fighting heart rendering battles and seeing family and friends falling before the blackness, Endar has decided to gather His children home.
Endar summons His Aura and sends trails wafting all over the world searching for those hearts touched by the magick.
Each Knight and thread partner is enveloped in a loving warmth of the Aural embrace and in the midst of battle, swords clashing on shields, coppery smell of blood on the air, as the tide of the battle turns for the darkness, a fierce roar is heard. Jaikryl and His minion dragon Loke cover the setting sun, blocking out the last rays of light. As darkenss falls...the battle weary Knights begin to glow bright as a star, and suddenly where there was only darkness... a blazing glow of gold and smaller points of different colors appear in the sky surrounding Loke.
Goldenwyrm and her children attack the God and His mount... giving the brave Knights one last chance to gain ground. The golden light blinds Loke and covers the dark dragon with burning molten gold.
The light turns liquid gold, droplets raining from the sky to the ground, then hardens to a solid metal.
The dark dragon unable to fly, drops like a stone out of the sky. Jaikryl summons His Aura and vanishes as each of the Knights suddenly disappears from the battle ground. Endar has spoken. This world is no longer defendable. And He will not lose more of His precious children to the darkness.
One last blaze of light covers Goldenwyrm and her children and the world is still and silent. Only a gold plated statue of Loke and the battling monsters remain.

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