Hello my name is

On these pages.. I have selected several waves for my music, it takes a few to load.. but I think worth the wait...a little different than my other Hompages..I think more feelings put into this one..*smiles*

This page is under construction, I will be working on it in my spare time ! So please check back often !

Hellfire *smoochies*.. thank you for just being you..
and FallenAngel...for finding my name.. ~SYN~ *hugs*..
and Grizzly...for my name banners *hugs*..

Windows You've Got A Way
Once In Every Life Beauty of A Woman
Risk Lover of My Soul
When I Close My Eyes Another Woman's Dream
Welcome Reflections Touch of Whisper
Friends Homepages My Family

Song playing: Can't Make You Love Me.. by Bonnie Raitt

Turn down the lights..
Turn down the bed..
Turn down these voices, inside my head..
Lay down with me..
Tell me no lies..
Just hold me close..
Don't take tonight...

Cause I can't make you love me ...if you don't...
You can't make your heart feel something it won't...

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