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Greetings Folks!  Welcome to a small look into the eclectic blend that is my Life.  My name is Ralph.  I was named after my father so I have been pegged with many other names to help tell us apart - but I dislike every single one (Note - quick way to piss me off, use the one in Christmas Story!)

I am from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  I was born here, drifted out and back once and may die here but I intend to be many other places before then.

Perhaps you are wondering about the funny name I have up top?  I would be floored to hear from someone who recognizes it from it's original source.  For now, I'll describe it as a Polish word that my Grandmother says means "like a bull."  I saw it as a character's name in a old novel.  I'll let you look further for the book, it's author and the character.
--- fractalmosaic by RWM, Jr. ---
The Prettiest Girl in the World called this Goomba her Bear, back when things were different.   You decide for yourself.
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Name: Ralph W. Middaugh, Jr.
Email: zbyshko@hotmail.com