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But First... Have you ever seen this show on TV...

THE CROW Stairway To Heaven

If you like it and want to keep seeing it, join the boycott

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I'm Myscleod.

Ok, that's not really my name...But, you can call me Mendi

but you can learn more about me on another page. That is if you're interested

I signed up on 09/14/98, and I'm still moving in...

Man, moving into a Cybercity is really as bad or worse than moving is here.

on earth... and, at least here you can recruit your family and friends to help you. But,

Here, no one seems to want to help... not that I'm saying they want to help you move in the first place. They just feel obligated to, and know that when they ask for your help in the same situation, You'll be just as obligated. Sorta like a form of blackmail...

I bet you are wondering what my pages are all about?

I would tell you here but, I really can't put all that on this page. I guess you'll just have to brave into the


Alright, I'll tell you just a bit. I really like art...  ummm, bodyart... yes, tattoos         

I also like comic book art, sci-fi art, fantasy art. I'm also a gardener, I grow all kinds of things, my particular passion is for cactus. And, I like music, and playing games. A good bloody game like hearts... You can find me at Mplayer, using my handle, or the name of this page

Email me at in the meantime.

Please come back soon and visit me,if you don't want to come into a construction zone now.

I guess you can come in if you want... please, excuse the mess. Just go through the door....

wpe1.jpg (1881 bytes)

But before you go, let me introduce you to a favorite from

Chaos Comics

Lady Death

Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java, too bad, you get to miss this

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