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hi all thease are all the stories that i have writen. umm let me think well some are x-files and some are not. so read them all and please tell me what you think cuz i love mail. e mail me at there are more comming so keep checking i am alwase writing but i type slower then i write and i am a little backed up there are a few stories sitting on my comp begging to be typed so i will get to them and then you can read them. last updated 2/17/02

almost real

UNTITLED inspired by 'and so it goes' by billy joel

THE SWINGS one of the few english assignments i actualy enjoyed...

RED TO BLACK another one of the few english assignments that i enjoyed

LORD OF THE RINGS STORY if you have not read lord of the rings this story will be extreamaly confussing... because it is a story of what happenes years after the book...

DEATH AND LIFE and yet another non tv related story well u have to read this one to understand it

THE WALK a walk down the street


MEMORIES Mulder and Scully get a case right after Emily dies

WE'RE ALL SO QUICK TO BLAME THE COW Mulder and Scully go celebrate Scully's b day with The Lone Gunmen. Be scared now

ANYTHING AND EVERYONE this one is about a guy that can be everything and everone and M+S gata find it b4 it finds them

DISSAPEARENCE is about the dissapearance of a few Samantha's and a poor person named zoe enjoy

FOOT PRINIS this is about a march snow fall in a hote

ICE DREAMS this one is about csm, dreames and ice. m+s find out some interesting detail about umm well u gata read it

JAIL HOUSE TALK this is a talk that takes place in jail.

THE GAME this is about a basketball game tarror at half time

HAPPY MEAL a child killer is out there and Mulder and Scully must find her.

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