My name is Zedicus and this is my story of how my life became to be..

It was a nice sunny day in the forest. I was laying down in the branches of a ent eating a apple. It was a long day
of playing with the fairys, pulling on pan's mane, and getting hugs from archane. With all those arms she gives some good ones.
I was waiting on my parents to return from a far away town. Gludio. Although it was a long and dangerous walk, they did it almost weekly. Traveling all that way just to sell items to the humans that inhabited it. Once I asked my father "why do you even bothered with humans at all". There was no use for adena in the forest, and there was nothing there that the forest couldn't provide.
My father replyed "My dear son, one day you will understand, its not the money that we do it for. It is you my child. For some day you too might wish to venture beyond the forest and seek your fame else where".

As obsurd as this sounded I accepted it. Who was I to question the wisdom of my father. Although there was no way I was ever leaving this beautiful place.
Day turned into night, and there was still no sign of my parents anywhere. Feeling alone, worried, and scared I went to see the mother tree. If any one would have known what has happend she would. As I approched I could tell that there was something really wrong. It looked as if everyone from town was there. Sitting around listening , hanging on every word that came from her lips. Once I got into the light of the mother tree , thats when I truly knew that something was wrong. All the women and children started crying, even the men seemed to hold back each tear as I approched. Frightened I proceeded onto walk toward our great mother.

"Zed my dear dear zed " she said. " I sorry but I have terriable news my child. Your parents... while visiting that far away town ... there was a accident. As they were returning home... the undead from the wasteland to the north attacked".
"Un.... undead ?" I replyed with confusion.

"Yes my child. Evil monsters that inhabit the dead lands that plague this earth. Your parents were killed when they stormed the town at night" the mother tree answered.

"But what of the humans.. didn't they try to stop them or help my mom and dad" I asked with a tear rolling down my face.
"No sweetie.... they didn't... they couldn't. The attack was so fast and furious that no one even saw it comming" the mother tree exclaimed.

"But ... but they can be resurected right... there are people picking them up to bring them back .. right" I said with little hope in my voice.

"Their bodies were carried off after the attack. No one knows why or where" she replyed.

Angry , scared , and saddened I ran home. Pushing through anyone that was in my way. There that night I made a resolve to Einhasad himself. "I will not rest untill every undead creature is dead, them along with those cowardly humans".

To be continued ....