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  • By the 31st century, humans have swept out from Terra and control and area of space roughly 540 light years in diameter, known as the Inner Sphere. Throughout the Inner Sphere, the five Successor Lords vie for dominion over each other. They wage a continual war using massive machines known as BattleMechs. These monoliths stand upwards of 10 meters and are equipped with both conventional autocannons, machine guns, missles, and more advanced lasers and charged particle beam weapons. These 'Mechs are piloted by an elite group of men and women known as Mechwarriors. Each Lord uses their Mechwarriors and 'Mechs in their endeavor to be the first to reestablish the legendary Star League, the only government in the history of mankind to unite all humanity under one flag.

    The BattleTech UniverseŽ has been enormously popular since its creation in the early 1980's. Though originally created as a turn-based, strategy-warfare game to be played on a hexmap, it has spawned a popular series of books and simulation series, the Mechwarrior games. The history behind the BattleTech Universe is incredibly intricate, and rivals in detail to the history of reality.

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