Hello, I'm Gok. I'd introduce myself further, except that if you came here, I must have told you where my nest was, therefore, you already know me.

. . . but just in case you're a stranger who simply wandered in, HI! Welcome, make yourself at home, just don't put your muddy hind paws up on the futon, ok? {;) I am, for lack of a better term, a Minbari Cat. And this page - this library - is for holding my writing, that which I choose to share. It also has writing by a few others, and a few things like pictures and links, off to the side.

This is a recent (August 2002) picture my little neice. She's 18 months old in this. She is soooo cute! :) A picture of me might be a while in coming, but ... I do have some piccies of a few others in my species ... HERE. :)

If you want to read all about me, click that spot. It's been updated from the first report - Not the person me, the ANIMAL me. Go ahead, this stuff will still be here when you're done, you can come back at any time. :)

This is a work in progress! Today is April 18th. If it's not, you're stuck in a time warp. (hehehe) *ahem* Others Fanfic: Wanderlustlover has given me part 3 of her arc: "The Herald of Rebirth:"! :D I have two new sections of jokes, and two new "Things to Think Upon". Also - I SOON will be taking off some of my fanfic images - I am running low on space to put stories!

*** How to reach me: h_raelynn@hotmail.com *** BUT! ... make sure you put "Gok" or "story page" or "Gok's nest/website/jokes page" or "your fanfic" or "Aubrey's fanfics" or something like that in the subject line - I *DO* have junk mail filters! PLEASE say more than just the generic "Hi" because that's the line used by many porn spammers! Okay? Okay, then.

The Fuzzy Blue Elf, he is cool too. (Many many thank you's to Elwing for this - and most of the other - animated Nightcrawler images! She made them herself!)

Blue Elf Visit me! Visit Him. Uhhhh - visit the site - Elwing made it! (Yeah, that makes more sense.)

Where to find things: listed from top to bottom!

Introduction - Fanfic: Babylon 5 and more - Humour - Links - Images - Jokes - Children's Stories - Things to Think Upon - Adult Stories - legal stuff and my email addy

My Fan Fics Most of this is Babylon 5 based.

Other People's Fan Fic Babylon 5

Humour Section has it's own page! (Note: "The Adventures of BAMF!" was updated, in the Oct/Nov '02 section. The picture is now there as well.) :)

Links Page If you know of one that I don't have (or you find a broken link), please email the url to me. :)

My Picture Gallery. Almost all fanfic images now. This area soon to shrink in size a massive amount!!

Stories for Children: not 'fanfic', but this is where I've put them. :)

Maggie's Story by Gok, inspired by a fire engine. :)

Miranda meets the Gnomes By Megan and Kaylee (edited by me) :)

The Story of Sir Caslow This was thought up by a pair of hyperactive kids on a day too hot to safely play outside. I got my cousins to sit still for a few hours thinking this up, all I've added is grammer. :)

A Fable From the same Friend who gave us 'The Paths Not Taken'. She dug it up from some old school papers, it was written somewhere in grades 9 to 11, the date isn't certain. Tres Kewl! :)

The Story of Ri One of my old school days stories. Grade 10 or 11, I think . . . Enjoy! :)

Hug me! I'm cute!


Things to Think Upon New for 2002!

This is where I'll put in access to things sent to me that are worth reading, but don't fit in places like the jokes page or fanfic. :)

This email was sent out towards the end of September, 2001. You should read it. I wrote the bit before it in the middle of October.
Five Important Lessons
Thoughts that make one think . . .
The Beautiful Side of Aging
For Moms Everywhere March 02
More Things...
Two thoughts, one link. NEW of april '05

Non Fanfic but still non-kidfic, also known as The Grown-up Stories

. . . no, there's no smut or porn in here. Yeesh. If I'm not getting any, why should ppl who don't really exist be getting any??!?!??

Marina Finished!! :) By Gok. Adult content warning! But it's not going to be any worse than your usual basic-cable movie of the week stuff, so don't worry.

Buried A one-act play I wrote for a second-year college writing class. *Not intended for children to read!* Yes, I know it's not perfectly stage-play formatted, but since it'll probably never be performed, I don't see a problem with that. Feedback is welcomed.

I own none of the B5 things here. They all belong to jms and the other owners of things B5ish. I don't own it, I'm not making any money offa it. I don't own anything that doesn't have my name in the 'author' box, ok? Original fanfic settings and characters are copyrighted by their respective authors. People who drew the pictures, own the pictures. I'm not making so much as a single cent off of anything on this, or any other, site. Ok? No Sue - no money!

You can reach me at: h_raelynn@hotmail.com