Allow me to introduce myself I am GIAN fourth generation Soul Assassin. You have somehow stumbled into my dark little corner of the web but I welcome you I do so enjoy.....having......vistiors. I shall not bore you by delving into the trifles of my past when it is the present and future that seem to be of far greater concern. I have found a home and family with SA and under the guidance of our great Lord Predator I believe what is to come will far eclipse anything I have left behind anyway. So that little bit having been said let me once again welcome you to my humble home feel free to explore it as you will and enjoy. I am in the process of building many new additions so please stop in again later....If you make it out this time.... And see what else is to come and please sign my guest book I do so love knowing who has been here.........
     If you wish to see where
              the SA lives
           If you wish to see another
               frequent haunt of SA
This door is a bit more personal if you
   wish a glimpse of my heart's one
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