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Science Fiction Links

Marathon's Story

A site devoted to Bungie Software's incredibly popular Marathon series of games. For the Marathon enthusuast who is interested in the history, timeline, characters, technology, plot and story, and character conflicts in the games, this site has lots of good essays and arguments culled from

Science & Technology Links

Ask Dr. Science

He knows more than you do. He has a Master's Degree! In Science!

American Science & Surplus

Ever had the feeling there's something you need, but you don't know what it is? AS+S has lots of interesting, amusing, and occasionally useful surplus "stuff".

Cold Fusion

Potential source of reliable, inexpensive energy, or hoax? Here's information about one of the most controversial topics in physics today.

The Basics of Spaceflight

A resource for basic information on space travel and orbital mechanics, maintained by the Jet Propulsion Laboratories.


If you're interested in "Alternative 'Medicine'", I suggest visiting this site to get ALL the facts. You know, the stuff the homeopaths, chiropractors, herbalists and crystal freaks won't tell you. You know, the TRUTH.

Miscellaneous Links

Apple Computer, Inc

You expected a link to Microsoft, perhaps? Think again!


Guy Kawasaki's site, dedicated to advancing the cause of Mac enthusiasts everywhere.


May the OS be with you! Do not give in to the DOS side!

Bungie Software, Inc

Makers of Marathon, Marathon 2, Marathon Infinity, Abuse, and other great games.

MMF of the Week

Tired of putting up with Spammers, crooks, con artists and other Net.abusers? So is this guy, and he's doing something about it! Check out this fantastic web page.


My wife Sharon maintains a mailing list for Latin teachers and students. Check out her website here.


Jakob Nielsen's internet newsletter - all about emerging trends and good web design.

Apple Technology at Work

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