sylvestral: belonging to or growing in woods

"This tree started living and continues to live.
It has not revealed its end and since it cannot be
perceived when that will be the tree appears somewhat immortal."

I just saw two guys walk by with bows and arrows! The coolness that exists
among us. ONLY if we choose to see it, feel it, and believe it. I heard
people coming and my normal reaction is to look, but I wasn't and I told
myself that was ok because most people don't. But then I remembered that I
am not like most people so if I have the urge to look, it's just fine. And
boy did I experience that magic that exists, that magic I believe in, the
magic that people sometimes don't see because it's right in front of their
noses, it is their noses, it is them. What is magic? Magic is stuff we
don't know and we don't understand, things that are odd and curious. But
if you ever stop to wonder how odd and curious the world is around you, and
how little you and I