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What is the Onticle?

The Onticle is system of divination that uses seventy-two archetypes. Each archetype corresponds to a picture that, like the tarot, contains symbols that correspond to not one, but many numbers and suits. These suits, in turn, represent a list of things in like which belong to a category depending on the needs of the diviner. These categories are representative of every conceivable notion, thought, object, living thing in the universe. The items in these lists are general in nature, but when combined with other archetypes become specific enough to generate a reading for which the diviner can use to assist a querent in need of direction. Below, is a link that describes each archetype using in a format like tarot cards, except at this time, I do not have any actual pictures but a simple written description. These 'cards' when used properly can be very powerful in helping even the most novice determine very specific semantics in a reading. Although divination with the Onticle is one use, it is not the only use. Check out the pages below.


Table of Contents

BulletHistory and Uses of the Onticle Salvatorium
BulletObtaining the Numbers
BulletChoosing a Subject and the Suit for Each Number
BulletLooking up the Suit of the Seventy-Two Cards
BulletThe Tablets of Correspondence by Suit and Number

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