Mott: To serve, to strive, and never to yield!
The USS Kodiak-A is a Dauntless Class Star Ship based at Star Base 118. Captained by Fleet Captain Hollis Caley, the Kodiak has a proud history. Named for the great bear of the Terran high arctic, the first Kodiak was a Galaxy Class vessel. During a boarder dispute with the Tholians, the ship was damaged beyond repair, and Captain Rendary lost. Shortly after, Captain Vedoc took command of the new Kodiak leading the ship on its first missions, before retiring to training.

The Dauntless Class will never see full production.  Its radical design has raised concerns amongst Starfleet, and the more popular Sovereign hull type went to full production in its stead.  Still, with its large crew and unique technologies, the Kodiak has found an important niche in the SB118 Fleet.

Although it's primary mission is that of exploration, it has the teeth and claws necessary to be a powerful deterrent. Unique to the Kodiak is a back up metaphasic shield system, providing excellent protection against natural phenomena. This shield system coupled with the ability to under go saucer separation into two warp capable vessels, makes the Kodiak a powerful scientific tool. The Kodiak is currently designated Rapid Response going where needed, for as long as needed.
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Images of the Daunteless Class Kodiak can be seen here. A bridge layout can be seen here.
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