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Narcboy's House of Insomnia

Is this thing on? OK.

This is Wally, a.k.a. Narcboy, Waldo, and numerous other strange and exotic nicknames that I won't go into how I got them, except one. Narcboy is my nickname because I'm somewhat narcoleptic, not for any other reason. Since I know you're all so curious about me, I'll let you know a little about me. Just to make you happy.

I was born the son of a Burmese tattoo artist -

That's not how it goes!

I'm telling the story, so butt out!

But I have to insist that you at least tell it correctly!

I will hurt you if you don't shut up!

Okay, okay, you win. But at least tell them the real story later, will you?

Okay. Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interupted ~ hell with it, you want my auto biography, find it later in this page. If you want my interests, find them later, too. Hell, find everything later, cause I'm sick of typing.

Damn conscience, always telling me what to do. I'm gonna kill that damn thing.....

Don't worry people, I'll sort things out.....
This is Narcboy again, just to give you all a few little things to keep you occupied...

History of the Narcboy

This is just ot let those of you unfamiliar with me to know a little about who you are dealing with.


Yes, I am a gamer, and I play a number of different roleplaying and card games. There's just something about dodgin real life that I enjoy...


I am a writer of sorts, and I'll try to keep a list of different samples up here for you all to read and make fun of.


Again, keeping with the whole avoiding real life thing, I am a casual reader of comics, mostly the comics my girlfriend owns....


This is just a bunch of links (duh!) to pages of friends and pages I just thought where cool.

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Just to keep everybody happy and satisfied, and to keep me from getting killled

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