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Pretty as a Picture Photo Restoration is now open.  I am still taking any comments, or suggestions you may have about my work, or my web page.  E-mail me at dderrigo@hotmail.com or sign my guest book.  Check back soon, there are plenty of updates to come.  Thank you for your interest in Pretty as a Picture Photo Restoration.

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Restore your old torn, scratched, water damaged and faded photos (currently up to 8.5" x 11") to their original condition.  Photo Restoration services are divided into three categories, minor, medium, and major, depending on the degree of damage.  All photos have their contrast and brightness adjusted to give you the clearest possible reproduction.

Black and white photos can be colorized to bring added life to your old photos.  If you want specific colors, please write them down and send it with your photo, otherwise, color choice will be left up to me.

Photos can be manipulated in various ways.  Remove cluttered backgrounds, objects in the foreground, unwanted persons.  Backgrounds from other photos can be used, add persons from other photos, etc.  This service must be quoted, please send me an email at dderrigo@hotmail.com or sign the guest book with a detailed description of your photo, and what you want done with it.

All photos can be cropped and resized (up to 8.5" x 11") at no extra cost.  Just be sure to add the dimensions, and/or location of the desired cropping to the order form.  Otherwise restored photos will be printed the same size as the original.  

Photos are also available in formats for use with your computer.  They can be placed on CD-ROMS, or Zip disks.

What to Expect

Your original photos will not be altered in any way.  They will be scanned (currently sizes up to 8.5" x 11") into a computer and digitally restored and enhanced.  The original photos will be returned along with the restored photo within seven days of receiving them.  I will keep your photos on file for six months so you can order future copies. 

Future Services

I am working hard to make more services available to you.  Future services will include: the ability to scan and print photos larger than 8.5" x 11", the ability to scan photo negatives,  photo magnets,  and T-shirts with your photos on them.  More to come...


If you've got Questions or Comments, please contact me at dderrigo@hotmail.com or sign my guest book.