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Two worlds merging creating one universe wherein we both can live in peace and harmony learning each from the other. If you have an open mind and are willing to believe, then Welcome to the Land of the Fey where all are equal and encouraged to play.....

Interesting things are happening in my mind and when that happens I put them down on paper... now you dear wandering minds get to share them too! This neighborhood is called Dreamworld... how accurate for me... I live in a type of fantasy world I guess you could say as a writer, so I hope to be sharing some of that with you...

[IMAGE:MacFey in a tie looking all spiffy] [IMAGE: a small faery navigation tool] Yeah it`s Fantastical all right... anyway, I`m MacFey and I`ll be your host during your stay. Please watch out for falling boulders as this site is always under construction. At this time I`d like to thank Geochitties for hosting this page. Yeah right... you might notice you are taken off the Geo-site for various things, don`t let that bother you too much, you can get back here anytime by clicking on me in my other forms. This is one of them:

You fly upon the wings of words though heavy hearted
You soar with birds though soul and mind are parted.
My mind's eye reaches out to see you sitting lonely in the dark
But not alone, the glimmer and spark of dragons flying 'round your head.
Villains thrust you into darkness, took away your choice.
They held you down and beat you up but silenced not your voice.
The gifts they gave to you were anger, grief, and pain and slavery to their desires then leave you and your shame.
But gifts are gifts and how they're used can turn the darkness bright.
The dragons and the beasts you fight can now be brought into the light of day and you, from the night.
Please let the stories and the pain, flow from your pen Like blood from veins and you'll be wiser in the end.
I feel your pain, your grief, your sorrow now, forever... today, tomorrow.
Helpless, hopeless and frustration, I want to help...
but can't.

I am the star, I am the fire,
Look while you can,
There may be no tomorrow.
I am the fire, I am the star,
Get not too close
And look from afar.
The twinkling is now,
as now as was then,
what you see now,
you'll not see again.

{{written by my friend StarBeam (1982-1999)... still missing ya guy}}

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