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Welcome to Brent Batch of 2003 Online. The Site about the coolest bunch of students in Brent Manila soon to be Mamplasan. This site has everything you want to know about Brent, the Batch of 2003, what's hot in Manila and the internet. Before you leave this site pls. fill in our guestbook ,so we know who came in here, thank you.

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Out For The Summer!- 05/24/99 [YC]-YEAH!! Schools out !!! and it's time to relax!! this site will not be updated till school starts again on August 23,99. I just wanna say to all the students leaving Brent "Good luck with everything and keep in touch". P.S. I fixed the link to the webring =)

Mondo Review- 05/24/99 [Wil]- I'd like to start things off by saying welcome back Yee- How is your Internet connection now? And yes, the BIS webring is now online, so please check that with the links below.

Here is the article that the batch 2003 webteam has prepared for you (if you did not go to mondo on friday-) Props go to Jake...

Review of Gr.8 End of year Party
As Gr.8 came to an end, Brent Gr.8 students seemed to be missing each other already. Due to movement of Brent Manila High School, a lot of people were leaving Brent. So, Gr.8 student council thought it would be nice do something so people will hold the memory of Gr. 8 for rest their life. The idea that came to our heads was PROM. We started a new project with a name of Gr.8 PROM. When we approchieved Mr. McArther, first reaction was that we have to change our name. Brent's concept was that we only Graduate once in Brent. So we changed our name to Gr.8 End of year Party. However, the project wasn't really clear until Maribel Lu (Gr.8 Vice P.)came up with the place. The place we chose was Mondo (located beside Fat).

Gr. 8 student council's project was going well and it came to the D-day. Our date was May, 23, 1999. We had over 30 people comming though we had some people complaining that the price was too high but most people thought it was worth it. During party a lot of awards were given, most of them were very funny and people were enjoying it. We had a dinner at the party, and it was very good. It was high class food. No one really complained about the food. We had a speeches from Jake Lee (President) and Maribel Lu (V. President). The speech from Jake Lee was very short and meaningful. The speech from Maribel brought people's memory back.

When the party finished, some poeple went back home, and some people went to other places. To most of people it was very good experience because some girls were wearing very explosive clothes... I mean it was great experience because when we think of Gr.8 after 20 or 30 years, we can always leave it a greatful memory.

The Official Lauch Of the BIS Webring!!- 05/24/99 [YC]- Today is the official lauching of the coolest webring on the net, the BIS webring. The webring was first launch with this site last year, around August and had a few problems and went under constructions for months and now the last and final webring is here !

Page Finished- 05/22/99 [Wil]- The batch 2003 webpage is complete. So is the mondo dance. The web team will be writing a review on how the dance was meant to be, and how it turned out- Jake, will be writing the article for the mondo. If any of you would like a hard copy, email us. Thanks.

Just a word- 05/21/99 [Wil]- Yee is not going to be able to update the page for a couple of days. Apparently he is having some net/computer problems, and for now, he is asking me to help him... I'll se what i can finish before he gets back.

Just to fill ya in - 05/20/99 [Wil]- Well hopefully we can finish the page before school ends- I have already completed the graphic headings for most of them, so it wont be much of a problem. Its kinda tiring to update directly after the exams, so i figure i would take it easy a while before i start working again. While Yee is slowly progressing on finishing the Web-Ring, I'll be busy putting up the other sections. Please help us in checking for errors on the page as early as possible ok? Oh, and please send me other info that i can put on the page - Chismis in optional =) - (but we highly reccomend it)- Thanks a bunch; c'yall at the banquet.

Update 2 Tha Max- 05/20/99 [Wil] - We have alot of things to do today, so please listen up! First, We have to thank the people (more like person) at planet brent for supplying us with the links on the side. Please visit them at http://planetbrent.cjb.net. Thanks for doing so.

No more exams! YEAH! We are all done... Now i can update galor on this page, as I relax and take it easy. The Mondo Dance is just around the corner, so get your suits ready!

Here are some of the things Jake Lee (President) Has mentioned in one of my discussions early this morning- Here he tells us what he has in mind for next year if he is elected, and what he still wants to do before school ends...

Projects on My head...

1) Millenium Countdown Calender.
2) Another Community project. ( I need your suggestion at jakelee@info.com.ph )
3) Gr. 8 homepage advertisement. [might sound weird but still will be a big help for homework section. ( progression: 20%]

Projects with Authorizations so Far...

2) The Batch 2003 Banquet ( I need your suggestion at jakelee@info.com.ph)

Exam Updates- 05/19/99 [Wil] Aha... I only have one more exam tomorrow- Unlike Yee who has 2 I suppose. They got a computer exam, and If ya'll need help with making a Q-basic Calculator, just let me know aight? Hope you all like the layout. Enjoy... ;)

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[Music Page]- Get all the latest songs from our website in Real Audio.

[Msg Board]- Post your messages to friends or classmate or any anoucements you want to make.

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[David Beckham Online] - Y.C. Tan's hp on David Beckham.

[Jake Lee's HP]- All about Jake Lee, the 8th Grade President.

[Welcome To Damncelot]- Marielle's HP.

[S.E.S. Online]-JH Lee's HP on S.E.S.

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