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We've got Fragilé t-shirts!.

Thanks to Yahoo!Geocities, the coding for our webpages has been screwed. So now when you click on a link, not only does it open the link in a new window (desired effect), it also opens the same damned link in the original window (undesired effect). Depending on whether or not Tony gets a debit card, this site may soon be ad free (the ultimate and underlying cause to the HTML screwup). Thanks for your patience.

If you are bored with your own life and would like to live life vicariously through Paul Ivan McBrier's your chance. He's been (negligently) posting an online web log or BLOG. This should be boring too.
Blogpod has had problem this is my Blog alternative beta page, blog pod has been down for a while, or just every time I try to use it.

Here's Tony's less-popular-but-grammatically-better Blog.

We've got pictures of our trip to Milwaukee! Be sure to tell your friends (because they probably care a lot about it).

The box in the center of the photo is my office at work.
Paul McBrier
Tony Schaefer
Adam Runnels
Adam Maassel
Volume One
"Hi! I'm Fragilé!"
Hi!  I'm Fragilé!

Read the Legend of Wayne's Place and find out the story behind Mishawaka's downtown greasy spoon.

"The internet, where everyone can build a monument to themselves, but no one has to look at any of them." - Paul McBrier

Here's a link to Tony's Yahoo! LAUNCHCast Radio Station, if you wanna listen.

Check out our new mascot! It's Fragilé the Tortilla Chip! Soon he'll be able to give you information about TMDOTPBM Enterprises, Inc.

Help us design a friend for Fragilé! Send us a description or drawing (make 'em simple, we're not freakin' artists, you know!) and maybe we'll use it as comedic fodder so Fragilé doesn't look so stupid.

"Exactly. That's why I'm sick of customers. You can't make them happy! They're so demanding and tight with their money that they look for the tiniest scratch so they can give me a hassle to get a discount for damage. The rich ones seem to be the most stingy, usually! And they don't understand that when you have to order something from the DC, it's not gonna be here the next day! Plus, we don't have any deals where you can buy 4 chairs and that entitles you to a discount! It's not a freakin' supermarket! You know what really annoys me? When I have a huge armful of crap that I'm carrying out to put on the shelves or I'm up on the ladder balancing two chairs to put on the perimeter, don't ask me, "Are you busy? I need a price...", or "Where are your napkins?" Yes, I'm busy! And then when I show them where the majority of the napkins are, they say, "Oh, yeah, I saw those... that's it? Do you have more somewhere else?" (Yeah, we have a whole aisle in the back. They're reserved for the customers that are smart enough to ask for more! Of course we don't have more!)" - Jill

You have just entered the headquarters of the largest online company devoted to World Domination. We have come up with an easy-to-follow 12-Step Plan (Paul Land) to aid us in our takeover. TMDOTPBM Enterprises, Inc. offers many different products and services for you to take advantage. Please feel free to browse our site and to confront your fear of pine trees.

If you hadn't heard yet, Paul moved to 6th St. We think. Same phone number, though. He also has a new email, not that he can read.

Any ideas about humorous material can be sent to

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