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Date of death 12/29/99.
I had meant for this site to continue, just not open for the public, but I've started a bunch of other things and just really lost interest. This site was a lot of fun while I was running it, but it was also a pain in the rear section thanks to a bunch of whinning fanatics. Archives are still up though.
November 12, 2000: It's nearly been a year since I did anything with this site, and I quite often miss it. It's mostly died thanks to my attention going to my new site Aqua Version Pokébattles and college work.
I'm also doing some work on a brand new site following one of my biggest RL interests, a sort of Dinosaur directory".

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Hello, this site is meant to be funny and exists for the amusement of all science fiction fans. It pokes fun at B5, ST, and SW while pitting them in deadly combat against each other. Read the battles and have fun!

WARNING: ANYONE who sends me ANY technological stats explaining why any side should crush any other side is subject to a horrible death involving many pointy objects, fire ants, and anything else I can think of.

If you want to contact me my ICQ number is 20637547.

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Disclaimer: This is just for fun, I am in no way affiliated with the companies that own these sci-fi shows.

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