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I am Panamon, proud owner of this wide expanse. Please, travel my domain and enjoy your journey. As you wander, you may find places containing many Random Generators, an Archive of equipment, items, and weapons left by others, an incredible Picture Gallery, many Paths to other realms like my own, and a special Room where you may chat with those you can not see.

If you should stumble over an inconvience, suddenly think of something which needs to be done, or wish to speak to me, please Write to me using the magic of these runes. Many Thanks.


dark_bullet The Crossroads- Where all the paths that I have taken meet, and will take you to other realms similar to mine.

dark_bullet Panamon's Random Generators- A (once) amazing compilation of incredible resources that will create what you wish for you. -- Still mostly out of commission. Need Help.--

dark_bullet The Archive- An *a-hem* ever growing archive of Spells, Equipment, Magical Items, Armor, Weapons, and other things left by travelers.

dark_bullet The Galleries- A large and expansive collection of art of every type. Collected from many sources across the wide world.

dark_bullet Panamon's Realm- Journey to my Realm! Meet and talk with others, voice opinions, and exchange ideas.

dark_bullet The Greater Circle- Where all the rings to which I belong link together.

dark_bullet The Arena- A fun and exciting place provided for the enjoyment of the traveler.

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E-Mail Write to Panamon, the owner and ruler.


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