Erutan's Forest

You're surrounded by greenery. The lush, thick forest encompasses you as you walk further into its heart. You look up to see a few small shafts of light peek through the canopy of leaves above you, just enough illumination to let you make your way down the path that has formed in front of you... Despite your confusion you continue on, encouraged as two sparrows fly towards you, halting and gently beat their wings, hovering ony a few feet from you; as you feel the cool breeze they create upon your face. They fly off into the darkness, stopping just before it envelops them as if to make sure you're still following. All your suspicion is gone, replaced by the relaxation of the surrounding nature as you continue to follow.

As you stand on the threshold of where the light meets the shadow of the heart of the forest, you look behind, only to see that no sign of the path you walked upon exists. Forest animals chatter at you as they run ahead. You have no choice but to continue forward. Unalarmed you step into the shadow, your eyes adjusting to what little light exists. As you are able to make out shapes in the darkness you see your two guides, perched above the mouth of a cave. Without thinking you enter, there is no recognizable source of light, yet you have no trouble finding your way down the rocky tunnel, your feet encountering no difficulty due to the packed dirt floor of the cave. You have no conception of how much time has passed since you entered as the tunnel opens up into a large antechamber.

Surprised at what you see, you blink as if to clear the false image from your mind. But your eyes aren't deceiving you. The chamber is a well decorated home, with obvious human touches, but grounded in a far more natural, earthly sense than you have ever witnessed. You begin to wonder if you are intruding, since you're standing in someone's home. So you begin to back up towards where you entered, only to trip over something, you hear a yelp as you fall down backwards, landing hard on the floor of the cave. Dazed, you feel a warm and soft tongue lick your face. You push whatever it is away from you, your hands feeling fur. As you open your eyes you see a young fox kit looking at you with its head cocked slightly to the side. You begin to wipe the back of your hand across your face but stop when you hear a voice.


The voice is that of a human woman, but your jaw goes slack when you set your eyes upon the source of the melodic chant. Before you stands a woman, human in body, but with fox ears and a fox tail. Shock and apprehension fills your emotions.

She lifts her hand as if you reassure you. "Don't be alarmed, you're welcome here."

"What...? Who...are you?" You ask.

"I am Erutan, I am the Guardian of the forest and all its inhabitants."

You look at her dubiously. But as you look at her you can see she means you no harm, and the warmth in her eyes relaxes you once again.

"Stay a while, take a look around." She says.

You gladly oblige.

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A picture done by Steve Soldwedel

A picture of my character 'Erutan' with her family of foxes

A picture of 'Mamafox', drawn by Sare

Another drawing by Sare

A wonderful drawing by Cheyenne *smiles and hugs* Thanks!!

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Beautiful picture drawn by Nemesis. Wow!! thanks! :)

Another character, Gargoyle mix named Isthar.

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