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Welcome to The Page of the Unexplained.
Dealing with all topics paranormal and more.

Including Aliens, UFO's, Ghosts, Lost Civilizations, Cryptozoology, and other interesting stuff. The buttons to the left are fairly self explanatory: the News button will take you to the News board, where I've posted my latest updates/frustrations! The Hall of Fame is a space where I place five of my links that I think are really awesome and deserve a little extra credit. Some are really good graphics wise, but all are excellent content wise. The "meat" of this site rests under the Paranormal button. On that page you will find links to the smaller sections of this site, so check them all out. The Misc. section is evolving, right now it only has a few links, but it should grow in the future. As I mention everywhere throughout this site, be sure to check out everything, there are a lot of good links here, so I encourage you to take your time. Also, PLEASE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!

This page has undergone three major overhauls in its short history, the third being completed several months ago. Thanks for your patience in the building period. The site has changed more recently as one section, Sports(don't ask me why I started it in the first place on a paranormal site) was dropped, and the Cryptozoology site was added. I'm constantly looking for new links, stories, pics, and more, so if you have anything you want to see, I encourage you to mail me below.

Email me your thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc at
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A collection of sites relating to all of those unexplained phenonmenon.

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