Welcome to the first ever Space Quest 7 website! 9/19/98- 6th update. "Space Quest 7: This Time it's personal!" no longer on hold!!! Check back here for any future developments. Today I added, well, everything. Projected Completion of the "Space Quest 7 Informaton Central": September 1998.

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    In the newest issue of Interaction, a letter was sent in by Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Kassab of Williamsville, NY. The letter said: "Bring out Space Quest 7 or Else!" Well, Sierra did just that. In the same magazine, Sierra officially announced that Space Quest 7 is definitley on Sierra's agenda. This means, of course, that there will be a Space Quest 7. We did it. Thank you for all your guys' help. After 8 1/2 months of unsure feelings about the Galaxy's favorite hero, we finally have an answer. Now, I won't have to shut down this site and make a a stupid King's Quest page (thank you!).


    What is Space Quest-

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