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Hi to all!

  I started  reading comics back in the early 1960's ( I believe my first comic was a " Worlds Finest " featuring Superman and Batman on the cover )given to me by my grandfather. Thus began my love of everything comics. From learning to read because of them, to learning to draw comic heroes because of them, I just couldn't wait till Saturday would come and I would see my grandparents and my grandfather would take me to the local  " Candy Store " to get some comics.
   I didn't start to play ccg games till I was much older ( probably my late thirties ) and of course I started with a game called " Spellfire " from TSR who also published those darned " Dungeons & Dragons " role playing games. I eventully gravitated to a game called " Magic the Gathering " published by  " Wizards of the Coast  ", and I just haven't stopped as of yet. There are just tons of games available to play today, from CCGS to Board Games ( of which I am looking to order as you read this ) so today my love of comics and games has turned into a great hobby and a business that I enjoy very much, and I hope that I can share my love of these great hobbies with all of you. :)
Lew 10/1/05
How to store your Comics:
Put them in comic bags, with a backing board, and put them in a comic box. Put your comic boxes in a cool dry place in your home. They will stay in great shape for years to come.
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