The Splitting of Ways

Long have you travelled to reach this place,through swamp,bog and desert,over mountain and across Sea.For here it is rumoured that one might learn the power of Magick or that one might see all that was,is and shall be.For in the place you seek it is rumoured that there is one to whom Time is of no matter,or at least perhaps that it is of great import but he has learned mastery over Time.He is known as Solrath Teferi but others too you have heard lurk here as well.You trudge down the small dirt track in the forest that you entered some time ago now,climbing out of the swamplands further back to the southwest.Ahead of you there is a clearing and what seems to be a splitting of paths.
The air swirls here with power,a crackling breaks the silence of the Crossroads as a flash of lightning earths it's self near to one of the Pathways.All about there air is filled with a whispering,slowly a small man takes form from a swirling mist of amethyst.He appears to be some three and a half feet tall,wearing old faded blue robes and tartan slippers,a long stemmed pipe disgorges pipesmoke in thin blue-grey tendrils.He smiles to you and nods as if knowing that you would come to this place.He speaks in a rough accent and in an odd mix of old English and Scots.So thee hae come hae thee?,about bloody time tae!,some folks can ne'er be on time..He shakes his head.Weel now I'm hear tae gie thee a description o' the various Paths an the like,how I damn weel get roped intae this I dinnae know..He breaks of in a scowl and some mutterings.Well now the first ane is the Path o' Magick whar thee might find more o' me at home teachin' how tae work Magick as known tae us Mages.Ye can find some hissory there as weel and a bit o' other background,aye that be right.The second Path be the Path o' Fantasy,whar thee might see Vampires,Mages an Mortals and what be a makin' them who they are.Finally be the Path o' Reality whar ye might find the demented mind behind all o' this.So may thee tread the ways tae thine hearts content.He begins to fade slowly.Fare thee weel traveler.
So it is that now you are left with three pathways before you,one shimmers in the evening light,a truely magickal feel to this pathway perhaps this path is the one that you would follow first?,perhaps you feet feel the need to wander here
Perhaps the second pathway takes your fancy instead,a look at some of the personalities that live in this place or have lived in this place of dreams and magick,this place where one might paint in the colours of the imagination and reach beynd the mortal shell for something that will never be but is fun to consider,if you like this idea you might want to consider following this path.
Or perhaps you feel the spinning pull into the demented mind behind all this creation,the madman who can come up with this sort of thing and more importantly has been resourceful enough not to get locked away!.If the swirling blackness of insanity grabs you then follow the shriekings and wailings and gnashing of teeth to the Crypt

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