Gryphon's Roost

This was done by Elaine M. Carter, you can see the rest of her nifty art here At least a billion thanks go to MonoRaptor who clued me in to the Addy :)


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Hey look! I actually did something with my page!!! well, other than ignore and neglect the poor thing, anyway...Ok, added a few things that might be of interest to the few people who actually find this place:

Added a new adoption place:
Ice Gate Village one of the Cerillian island's sands...
Secondly: added a "map" even if it's more of a directory listing format...but hey! no more missing most of the sites!! *adds under breath* just most of the good ones can be missed now..
My mini Dragons!
Gryphon cliff.

Ticonda dragons!
Silverspire Weyr

Straight ahead lay dragon tracks..

Take a look at the real me? (yeah right...)

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