Welcome to Kayan's hole in the ground....

This is my Webpage.. how nifty.   I moved my personal information down below the "news" section.  I actually have some interesting content on this webpage.. so scroll down and see what catches your eye.


Added a Horoscope! (written by me of course)

Add Skeleton for an comprehensive "Pets Page"

Added a message board.

Added Space Cows!

Added new Links

Recently got some new pets, a baby savannah monitor, and a small colony of giant madagascan hissing cockroaches.

(check out the pets page for details)

Added new links, and a "top ten things that piss me off, by adam sandler" Don't read it if you don't want to hear Sandler-style comedy (lots of cussing)

My name is Brian, and i'm 1(long story, inquire inside for details).

I live in chattanooga, TN, at the moment, though I'm from Northern Virginia (Sterling)

Well.... what else did you want me to say?

I've got a small collection of exotic pets.. I love movies.. like listening to music...pretty much any outdoor activity, hiking/camping, swimming ect.

I'm also a computer-person.. studying networking and whatnot.

If you want to know anything else, or just say hi... you can reach me through icq, my # is 11583831, or through email, at The_Cow@mindspring.com or use my new message board..

Kayan's Hole in the ground:

Here are some links to other parts of my webpage, featuring, in order, pics of myself, some misc southpark stuff, info and pictures of some of my pets., my favorite links, a cow page, and a thing by Adam Sandler.

Pics, Southpark!, Pets, Links, Cows. Sandler.

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