Hello Kiddos!

It's your friend The Riddler here! Well after meeting
so many lovely people on the labyrinth fanfiction list
I decided to put up a home page about me
and a few other things! I tell you my life
has been interesting since I've entered this maze!
Talk about nothing is as it seems.
In case you want to read about my past
then just click here.

If that doesn't entertain you, I know something that will!
Every week I shall come up with a new riddle
for you to solve. It is written on a message board here
so just go on ahead and click and take a guess.
Maybe you know the answer!

But while you are thinking about that
you can visit my female companions this month,
known as Quiz and Query,
or also named as Anakerie and Lady Reason.
They are two wonderful labyrinth writers
and I hope you will wish them well.

Also if you're into labyrinth fanfiction I am interested
in doing reviews to help get you writers some more
fame! Just email me.

The Featured Fanfiction of the Week is:

Evelyn Rose
Click here to read the review!!!

Lately I have been very very busy but when I can begin doing fanfic reviews for the week I will put an annoucement here

Also I do plan to put my fanfiction
Too Much Green up here and if you want to comment
on what you read of it on the labyrinth fanfiction list
please go here. Your comments really keep me going!

I guess that's it for now. Please don't forget to sign my
guestbook below, or if you want visit my links page! Or if you want to become one of my leaf children and stand for peace then join the list below!

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