*KT's Castle*


You leave me wondering as to how the heck you found me?!?!
Well, as it goes...
Seek and ye shall find.

Ok, here's everything you wanted to know and more!

First of all comes my friends. My friends are very important to me! We always have great fun hanging out and just listening to music together or something, but of course we always can find fun at any and all school activities.... Go LHS! *grins* Here are 2 of their pages that you can visit, I know it sounds pathetic.... But keep in mind that Louisburg, Kansas just isn't the greatest online community in the world!!
See my best friend's page!!!
You may or may not want to check out Brad's homepage!

"I believe that music is a cure to disease in some way." --Anonymous
My other great passion is for music!! I love and listen to all kinds of it... My favorite bands of the moment are Everclear, Jars of Clay, Sugar Ray, Smashmouth, Spin Doctors (who you hear on this page with their hit, "Two Princes"), 3rd Eye Blind, DC Talk, & Creed! Individual musicians that rank high on my list are Shawn Mullins, Jewel, Aretha Franklin, Tim McGraw, and Johnny Lang!
To hear or download great songs, check out my MIDI page here
If you collect MP3z, check out my list here

Ok, I'm an animal fanatic, I've gotta admit it. But how can you not love animals? I read somewhere that having one pet that you really love can add an average of 5 years to your life. Well, I've got lots of pets. When I get a scanner I'll do my best and get some pictures of each and every one on here. Molly is my austrailian shepard, she's a cutie. I've got a cockatiel named Dundee (get it? "Cockatiel Dundee") and I've also got one named Checkers. I used to have 2 crabs named Siskel & Ebert, but now I only have Ebert. Picked up off the middle of the road comes Dragon, my box-turtle. And then there are my horses. We've got 7, Dakota (a paint), Pacman and Tequila (sorels), Dan and Judge (blacks), Rocket (a bay mare) and my dapple gray Smokee! He's my favorite! I also have claimed a tree frog that comes to my window every night as my own. I've nicknamed him Camo. And last, but not least, my cyberpets!! You can meet them by clicking here

Let's see what else can I bore you with? hmmm... my sports life! hehe Well, my favorite is basketball. Course when you're so tall that your coaches call you the summer before basketball season to make sure you'll be playing for them... yeah, that does help. I normally play center or forward, low post. And yes, I can "stuff." What else? I run track. I'm a distance runner. And I'm also a swimmer. My school doesn't have a swim team, but I'm always doing laps at my health club. Got to keep in shape for scuba diving. ;-) Oh yeah, and occasionally I'll meet with a friend and play raquetball at the club.

Now, that you have nothing else to do... why don't you go check out my kool zine Sweet Stuff! My first production. I think it's pretty cool. Check it out pretty please with sugar and cinnamon on top??? *smiles* Yeah, and if you want to be part of a kickass club go here


Email me: kth99@hotmail.com

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