I'm sorry to say that this site is now closed. Too many people have taken things from this site without permission and didn't even have the decency to give me credit. One person in particular stole most of the screengrabs that I had scanned and placed them on his/her site. Drop this asshole a line when you get a chance: fbmuro@online.no and thank them for being one of the reasons why I've closed this site. Maybe then they'll learn not to be so damn rude! Gee...do I sound a little bitter? Yeah. Yeah I do. Mostly because I worked hard on this site and lazy, uncreative people came by and took advantage of my work. As a professional Web designer, having someone steal your work is the ultimate taboo. Not only that, blantantly stealing things word-for-word is not only taboo it's illegal.

Aside from that...I do want to thank the thousands of fans that visited this site over the past 3 years, fans whos intention wasn't to steal stuff from the site and use it on their own site.

I also want to give a shout out to Paula. You rock and thanks for being a good friend over the years!

- Deb "Neuf"