Angel of Strength
played by Jason Kerr

Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the Lord;
Awake, as in the ancient days, in the generations of old.
Art thou not it that hath cut Rahab, and wounded the dragon?

Corporeal 6Strength 16Agility 8
Ethereal 3Intelligence 6Precision 6
Celestial 4Will 10Perception 6

Vessel: Human/5 (Adult caucasian male), Human/1 (6 year old caucasian female)

Role: Ashe, Bouncer (Status/1, Level/2, male vessel)

Skills: Acrobatics/1, Climbing/1, Dodge/2, fighting/3, Large weapon/5, Running/1, Small Weapon/1, Throwing/1

Songs: Shields (Corporeal/2)

Attunements: Malakim of War, Seraphim of War, Proficiency (Chainsaw), Howl, Friend of Fighters, Armor, Malakim of Protection, Malakim of Purity, Unshakable Resolve, Last Spark, Angel of Strength (aka Infinite Strength)

Artifacts: The Flaming Celestial Turbo Chainsaw, +0 Accuracy, +4 Power, Flaming (1 Essence to raise Power to +7 for Corporeal Forces rounds), concealable, useable only by Cerviel.

Unique Attunements: Infinite Strength. This attunement allows the Angel to draw upon the limitless power of the Symphony and convert it instantly into raw might. For every point of Essence spent the Angel may add his appropriate Forces to his functional Strength characteristic, based on what realm he is in (Corporeal Forces to Strength in Corporeal Form, Ethereal Forces to Intelligence in the Ethereal realm, and Celestial Forces to Will in Celestial Form). This effect lasts 1 round, and generates a disturbance equal to the Essence spent plus the amount the attribute is increased. Servitors of Strength may purchase theis attunement for 10 character points.

Unique Rites:

Cerviel may grant either or both of these rites to Servitors and Soldier of Strength.

Malakite Oaths:

Unique Dissonance Conditions: Directly or indirectly allowing an individual to grow weaker (whether physically, mentally, or spiritually) causes Cerviel a note of dissonance (this only applies if he makes no effort to prevent this from happening). Servitors of Strength suffer the same dissonance condition.

Ash, in a contemplative moment. "Cerviel...Very interesting you should ask me about that one. Oh, indeed I do know much about him. Probably more than he knows about himself right now. Yes, he's an old angel. Fledged far, far before the War, he did. He was very different then, I assure you. You'd hardly recognize him now, if you knew him in those times.

"He was a scholar then, a philosopher, a writer, an inspiration to us all, even the older angels; they all looked upon him and his beauty with favor. He was the first warrior poet. I can remember him in all his glory, a golden raptor bearing his shining blade of truth...Zeruch, the Arm of God. He was an amazing sight - for an angel of his stature, I mean.

"Doesn't sound like the guy you hear about these days now, does he? Very true. What happened to him? Well, Cerviel had these two friends, both Ophanim. They liked to debate things of a philosophical nature and all that, went everywhere together. One was Ovoniel, the other Ulmnon, like brother and sister they were. However, Ulmnon didn't really care for Cerviel getting all the credit and praise for his ideas and actions. When Lucifer began sewing the seeds of rebellion, Ulmnon quickly enlisted, enticed by the idea of the glory he would attain. Ulmnon wasn't a fool, either. He wanted to take Cerviel out perconally, but he knew he was no match for the sword Zaruch. With that in mind he sought out a Song, a Song that would later secure him a Word in Hell, a Song that would be responsible for Cerviel's madness, a Song that would shatter Zaruch...

"Yeah, yeah, a touch melodramatic, but hey. Anyway, when the rebellion started, Ulmnon quickly located his quarry and sang the Song. Everything worked out just like he planned...that is, until Cerviel went insane. Everyone around him was scramblin' to get out of arm's reach. He was breaking angels and rebels alike, as if they were no more than kindling. It was all Ulmnon could do to push his fellow rebels at the mad Cherub to cover his escape.

"When the last blow fell, and the rebels were cast down into Hell, the angels counted Cerviel as 'Missing: Presumed Dead or Fallen'. And for thousands of years after that, no one saw or heard a thing from him, except rumors and hearsay. The truth of the matter is that he was apparently questing all over creation for the shards of Zaruch; in Heaven, on Earth, in the Marches...even in Hell. Ah, who the Hell knows why? I don't even know that one. Ask God, He made the damn thing and gave it to Cerviel...Right, right, not a feasible plan.

"Anyway, like I mentioned, he ended up in Hell somehow. I guess he found a way in that no one knew about. Or maybe the fragments of Zaruch that ended up in Hell served as a beacon for him. I dunno, just like I don't know how he eluded the attention of the demons for so long. Nevertheless, the demons did eventually find him, and after many attempts managed to corner and capture him. He was taken to a place then known as the Colliseum of Skulls, the place where the Word-bound Calabite of Shattering dwelt. Oh, I'm sure that those demons must have had their fun with him, but obviously they didn't succeed in killing him. Cerviel somehow escaped his fetters and, using that massive strength you always hear about when he comes up, pulled the entire Colliseum down on Ulmnon and his Servitors' horned heads. He escaped with the final fragment of Zaruch, which Ulmnon had kept, and then he finally returned to Heaven.

"After that, all I know is what my informants have told me. He renewed his Servitorship to Michael, became a Malakite, and somehow atoned for the things he did in his past. You'd have to ask Michael about that, though...

"The chainsaw? Good question. I don't know, but I can guess that Cerviel's old friend Ovoniel, the Angel of Mending, put the thing together for him using the shards of Zaruch as it's teeth. Apparently, as part of his punishment for using it to shed innocent blood, the Seraphim Council decreed that the sword never be made whole again. That's the most likely reason for the flaming chainsaw he's infamous for, although it doesn't seem to have nearly the power it once had.

"Yeah, he was recently assigned to Washington D.C. to protect the other angels from the considerable demonic influence there. And, of cource, he's pretty good at it. According to my count, he and the rest of the Reapers have soul-killed two demons and put four more into Trauma in just one year, not a bad record. For his services above and beyond the call of his assigned duties, he was granted the Word for which he had been intended since the Beginning: Strength. Personally, I think this makes him one of the most dangerous angels on Earth.

"That's about all of the important information, sir. You probably knew most of that anyway, though. May I ask why the interest?"

No. You may not. All you may do is listen, and obey. You have failed twice; each time could have meant the destruction of Cerviel. I have brought you forth from Trauma to give you another chance. Am I not forgiving?

"Y-yes, my lord."

If you fail me again you will know the Truth of eternal suffering, Calabite. It is my will that Cerviel be destroyed. You have my leave to utilize what resources you may feel you require, even to the use of my Archfiends. But be warned. Do not fail me again. Now, begone.

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