The Moisture Farm

Hi I'm Uncle Owen Lars, moisture farmer & owner of this Farm. Please enjoy your stay & help yourself to some blue milk.


Hi !!!!!!!! Its been fixed up a bit

Attention - do NOT use the email IT IS CHANGED to


Danke! (Thank You)

I though some people deserve some thanks.....
John, creator of the Unofficial SJP page, provided me with this wonderful backround.
Brendan, creator of the Unofficial Cape & Sword Page, provided me with the scanned Monster Chart for HQ, and many more images. He also helped me learn how to do all this stuff!
John's sister Kelly who showed me how to get the Guestbook.



The Trivial Pursuit SW picture section. Neat-o pictures from the cards.

Head over to the Links. There you can find a transport to Mos Eisly or where ever your going...

Here is my Star Wars: CCG page. See me and Beru as part of an excellent game.

You can go to my ThunderCats Page. For an alternate place - Third Earth. If there is a bright center to the universe.... its closer than I am.

The Hero Quest Page!! Its another game we play for recreaction way out here on a moisture farm.

Learn about me. I, Owen Lars, am the creator of this page. Learn about me and my rumored death...*

Here is the Phantasy Star Page. Perhaps on of the best video games ever created, it is a favorite here on the farm...


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ok, Legal stuff:
Star Wars and all related material LUCASFILM LTD.
SW:CCG and all related material Decipher, INC.
Hero Quest and all related material Milton Bradley Co.
pics in the Trivial Pursuit Pictures Parker Brothers
and I am not sure of Phantasy Star & ThunderCats yet. Give me time & I will find out. I just want to tell people out there about these favorite things of mine.
*My story is Fan Fiction & not connected to LUCASFILM.