YES! We are the Cannon's of Covington

Theresa and Scot Cannon s Web Page

We are living comfortably in Suburbia and enjoy taking walks, gardens, kids, pets, and our time together. One of the things that brought us together was our mutual admiration of The Carpenters, Karen was the best. We enjoy watching Monk, Pyhch, and Vegas, and The Amazing Race,( Congratulations Eric and Danielle), we want another round the world race! Our son John is in the Air force Reserves now and is going to U of WA Tacoma to get a Business education. Our daughter Krystia graduated from college with a degree in law and justice, is busy with a job at a real estate and construction firm in Seattle and we are very excited for her as she starts her professional career.

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Rocket Science

2015 is coming and we are no where near matching the vision of "Back To The Future II" for hovering cars and skate boards, but I have some ideas.


For you sleuths that searched the world over, you found a link to the rare subjects of:
Project X (1968), Firesale (1977), and the plant called Burning Fallon.

Life and Death Topics

My Brand of Christianity, A View On Abortion, and Suspicion: The Rivers Edge, the mysterious case of Andy Moeller AKA Shawn C. Lowrance


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